• Sarra.Arras
    I have had the pleasure of working with Nate Harris and Justin Shamion the last few years. The teaching they have provided both on the court and in the classroom is unmatched. Their knowledge and experience has helped me achieve the level of officiating that I have, and I am so grateful for that. Not only has HSO provided me with the teaching and feedback to help me improve my game, but they have also been a great support system. They have not only created a group of high quality officials on the court, but a family off the court as well. I highly recommend HSO to anyone who has the opportunity to work with them.
    Sarra Arras
    Spokane, WA
  • Nate WhitemanRunsHim
    I've not been to a camp that had more the 25 campers & that was intimidating, not to mention the credentials that Justin & Nate have really made me nervous. Once I got on the court I felt very comfortable because the staff they put together went above & beyond to get the concepts across to the campers. I'm definitely coming back next year!
    Nate WhitemanRunsHim
    Missoula, MT
  • Saint
    My experience at Showcase Officials camp was equally as engaging, motivating, and informative as it was entertaining. Nate and Justin along with their staff challenged campers and pushed them to be their best in a low-stress, positive learning environment. Harris Shamion Officiating provided an elite level of training and instruction tailored to all levels of officials! Showcase Officials camp set me up to be successful not only for the rest of the summer, but into next season as well!
    Justin St. Pierre
    Portland, OR
  • Josh Reed
    HSO has helped me in many facets on the court, but the most important part of learning how to be successful is really what I have been taught away from the game. Being able to communicate effectively, do extra work when no one is watching, and practice patience has all helped me not only as an official but as a person. My life has changed in many ways since being apart of HSO and in order to have change in a group you have to have accountability. The group allows honesty and criticism, while also continuing to help people grow. I was able to take a look in the mirror and change my physical and mental traits in order to fit not only what I wanted to be in the officiating world, but who I wanted to be around my family and coworkers. Being the best version of you is really what I’ve tried to do with the tools that I’ve been given from this group and I can only be thankful and humbled by any success in basketball that comes along with it.
    Josh Reed
    Spokane, WA
  • Bob
    HSO has been instrumental to my development and growth as an official. The training that they provide is some of the best in the country, they focus on fundamentals and rules knowledge. The Showcase Officials Camp that they run has taken my communication skills, film breakdown, play calling, positioning, and rules knowledge to a new level. The camp setting provides instantaneous on-court feedback from some of the top officials in the country.
    Bob Huntzberger
    Seattle, W
  • HSO has a unique approach to officiating. They start with a laser-focus on fundamentals and build your game up from there. It's easy to think that fundamentals are basic. They aren't. They take constant work and without a doubt my development into a DII men's and boys HS state tournament official is wholly due to my relentless pursuit of them. Assignors, coordinators, evaluators, and fellow officials can immediately see the marked difference between the official who is serious about establishing sound fundamentals and the rest that just focus on style. I've been working with HSO for 6 years and in every year I've worked a higher level or a new college conference. You will get out ten-fold what you invest into the HSO program.
    Ben Wolfe
    Spokane, WA
  • Phillip
    Falling in love with the process is the hardest thing to do in sport. We do not become great officials when the lights are brightest, or when the crowds are the biggest. We become our best when the lights are off in the classroom and the projector reveals us. When the gyms are hot, and game checks are zero, this is when we become our best official.
    HSO's Showcase Officials Camp is where I became a better official, where I fell in love with the process, where I was adopted into a family of dedicated officials willing to put in the work. Nate & Justin taught me how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.  Now I seek their criticism, instead of avoiding it.
    Phillip Hinrichs
    Pullman, WA